Russian Roulette

Our main focus today is again on two big international stories.. the downing of the Malaysian Airliner and the intensifying battle in Gaza between Hamas and Israel.

International outrage is growing over the shoddy treatment of the bodies of those more than 290 killed when a ground to air missile blew the plane out of the sky over Eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russian separatists, believed responsible for the tragedy, are making a mockery of the crash site. Some saying they are disrespecting the dead. Bodies are being stored in refrigerated train box cars, but the cooling has been intermittent apparently. Rebels have been resistant to allowing international investigators into the sites.

Russia is being petulant and is trying to block any U.N. action on the plane crash. Jonathan Hunt reports.

The death toll is soaring in the battle between Israel and Hamas.. More than 500 are dead. 13 Israeli soldiers dead including two American volunteers. Fighting continued overnight in several Gaza neighborhoods and the relentless rain of rockets on Israel continues. President Obama over the weekend said he had "serious concern," about the rising death toll.

Secretary of State John Kerry headed to Egypt to try and make a cease fire. There was a heated exchange with he and Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday yesterday.. on several topics. We'll have some of that sound.

A fire raging in north-central Washington State has burned more than 370 square miles, and destroyed some 150 structures. Good news though, weather will begin working in firefighters favor today.

An oil train derailed in Wisconsin.. hurting two and forcing the evacuation of at least 100 homes. Oil is spilled.

Catherine Herridge reporting on that new terror threat to planes.

President Obama signs an executive order today that protects gays and lesbians from discrimination by companies that work for the federal government.

We get earnings reports this week from Coca Cola, Netflix, Apple Amazon and GM.. big week for signs of business strength.

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