Who Is to Blame in Death of 298 Souls in Plane Shoot Down?

Two big stories will dominate our coverage today.

Gruesome details continue to emerge in the wake of the shoot down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine. 181 bodies have been recovered so far. The death toll total is all on board. 298 souls. The finger pointing today intensifying. The evidence so far points to pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists. We still don't know if Americans were on board, and if so, how many. 3 infants were among the dead. Russian separatists who control the area have denied shooting the plane down, but a growing body of evidence suggests they did. We do know the jet was brought down with a surface to air missile from a Russian made anti-aircraft missile. It was blown out of the sky at 33,000 feet. We've got Fox team coverage including Molly Henneberg, Wendell Goler, Steve Harrigan in Kiev, David Piper in Bangkok, Amy Kellogg in London, and Jennifer Griffin.

The UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on Ukraine. Ukraine says it will present evidence of Russian military involvement in the crash. Jonathan Hunt reporting.

The other big story today is the Israeli operation to stop the terror attacks on its citizens. Israeli troops began a big push into Gaza in an offensive to stop the rain of rockets from Hamas on its cities. It follows a 10-day air strike campaign. David Lee Miller and John Huddy reporting.

We're also covering the continued surge of illegal immigrant children into the U.S. William La Jeunesse reporting.

And a wildfire has forced the evacuation of the town of Pateros, Washington. At least 35 homes have already burned in the fire.

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-Clint Henderson

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