Immigration Becoming Big 2014 Issue; Creating Rifts Among Democrats Too

President Obama continues his push for more infrastructure spending today with a speech in Delaware. Vice President Biden is speaking in Detroit. We'll monitor both for news.

1215EDT -- Air Force One arrives New Castle Airport, New Castle, DE. WTXF LIVE / POOL TAPE

1410EDT -- POTUS makes remarks on investing in infrastructure at the Port of Wilmington in DE, in front of the I-495 Bridge. LIVE

1230EDT -- VPOTUS attends event for the MI Democratic Coordinated Campaign Cmte. Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit, MI. CLOSED

There's another hearing on the IRS political targeting scandal today. A House Oversight & Government Reform Sub-Committee. Mike Emanuel reporting.

There is a hearing into the illegal immigration crisis at our Southwestern borders today. Catherine Herridge reporting on the hearing and the timeline of the surge of illegal immigrant children coming from Central America. William La Jeunesse reports on the localities receiving minors, and the often hostile reaction to the influx of new residents to some locales.

1000EDT -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte holds hearing on "Dangerous Passage: Central America In Crisis And the Exodus of Unaccompanied Minors." State Dept counselor Thomas Shannon Jr., Deputy Assistant Atty Gen of the Criminal Division Bruce Swartz, Kids in Need of Defense pres Wendy Young, intl Republican Institute regional dir for Latin America & The Caribbean Stephen Johnson testify. LIVE

Mike Tobin reports today on the GM recall scandal and word the company knew about problems and hid them from investigators.

1000EDT -- Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Subcmte on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Insurance holds hearing on "Examining Accountability and Corporate Culture in Wake of the GM Recalls." GM CEO Mary Barra, GM exec VP & gen counsel Michael Millikin, Jenner & Block chair Anton Valukas, Feinberg Rosen LLP founder & managing partner Kenneth Feinberg, and Delphi Automotive PLC CEO & pres Rodney O'Neal testify. LIVE

New tittering about Hillary Clinton's rocky couple of months. Is she repeating some of the mistakes of 2008? That's the theory of one of our guests today. We'll get into it. Plus the new Gallup polling that suggests she is the best known and best liked potential 2016 candidate.

Carl Cameron looking at the role of Libertarians in the 2014 Midterms.

We'll take a look at the explosive growth of Urgent Care centers, and talk about the latest efforts to adapt to a changing health care landscape.

Shannon Bream reporting on the possible blow to Obamacare from a lawsuit called Halbig v Sebelius (we reported on this earlier this week). The decision could come this week, and would likely then be appealed to the Supreme Court.

We get weekly jobless claims today. We also get a read on housing, and the avalanche of earnings reports continue today with companies like Morgan Stanley and UnitedHealth reporting before the opening bell. After the close today? Google and IBM! There's also growing fears the economy is in another bubble!? We'll ask an expert.

New York Times reports today that an invasion of Gaza is likely as Hamas continues to fire barrages of rockets at the Israelis. There was a brief cease fire today, but two rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel during the brief respite.

The Russia/Ukraine situation heating up again with reports of incursions from both sides. The U.S. is imposing more sanctions on Russia saying Russia hasn't kept it's word in dealings with Eastern Ukraine. Russia is again massing troops on the Ukraine border.

Jennifer Griffin reporting on the possibility of the Russian reopening a Cold War era spy base in Cuba.

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