What Me Worry? 3 Incidents in 3 Weeks at Labs that Are Supposed to Secure

House Rules Committee taking up the potential lawsuit by Speaker Boehner against the White House over executive orders. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Third major safety breach in as many weeks! Steve Centanni looking into potentially disastrous lapses at federal health facilities. There's been three major incidents in as many weeks. Folks at the CDC's Atlanta headquarters were exposed to Anthrax, there was a ‘mishandling' of bird flu at a lab, and now comes word that just 11 miles from the White House, six glass files of smallpox were found in a cardboard box in a storage room.. unguarded. There's now accusations of a cover-up. Doctor Manny also weighs in.

Karl Rove is here today to give us his predictions for the midterms.. specifically where he's putting his money..

White House focusing on climate change today. There's a White House briefing at 1pm.

The acting VA Secretary testifies today for the first time in front of the Veterans Affairs Committee.

The so-called heroin hooker will be arraigned at 11:15am. Alix Tichleman set to appear in court. She's accused of injecting a Google exec with heroin. He died. Claudia Cowan reporting.

Israel once again retaliating against the rockets being lobbed its way by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Russia may be violating agreements in regards to Ukraine as an apartment building is bombed. There's been cross-border attacks by both sides.

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