California serial rapist's freedom comes with strict limits, but community is still upset

After being locked up for roughly two decades, serial rapist Christopher Hubbart is a free man — sort of.

Hubbart acknowledged raping or assaulting 40 women and got the nickname "Pillowcase Rapist" for using a pillowcase to muffle his victims' screams. The state has deemed him a "sexually violent predator."

The 63-year-old finally moved from the state mental hospital to a desert community northeast of Los Angeles this week, but his freedom comes with a GPS anklet and 16 pages of strict limitations.

He can't be alone outside after dark, he needs permission to walk through the neighborhood, and he must allow random searches and polygraph tests.

That's not good enough for his neighbors near Palmdale, who fear he'll rape again.

Two guards now stand watch as protesters camp outside his new home on a dusty plot.