Good News on Unemployment as Jobless Rate Drops

Surprisingly good news on unemployment today. The jobless rate dropping to 6.1% from 6.3% in June. Stronger than expected job growth surprising some analysts. We'll see if it gets us to more new records on Wall Street and the possibility of Dow 17,000!

The storm swirling up the Eastern coast of the United States is now a hurricane. Hurricane Arthur not expected to hit land, but will send high winds and heavy rains along North Carolina's outer banks. The mandatory evacuation of tourists from Hatteras Island already underway. Jonathan Serrie is live in Kill Devil Hills, NC and Janice Dean is in the Fox Extreme Weather Center.

A wildfire in California's wine country now at 3,800 acres. 2 homes damaged and seven other structures damaged or destroyed. Hot weather and an extreme drought not helping folks there.

Security crackdown underway at some international airports as the White House calls for tighter security in light of recent threats that Al Qaeda may be trying to develop new bombs that could be missed by regular airport screening.

U.N. warning today that the refugee crisis in Syria could destabilize Lebanon. A new estimate suggest there will be more than three and a half million Syrian refugees by the end of the year fleeing civil war there.

Some Syria rebel groups are joining the newly formed terror group ISIS. Meantime, the beleaguered Iraqi PM is warning today that ISIS is a threat to the entire region.. not just Iraq.

A barrage of rockets hit Israel from Gaza. Israel responding with attacks of its own. John Huddy is live near the Gaza border.

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-Clint Henderson

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