President Obama Promises More Executive Action

President Obama will call today for closing tax loopholes in

order to pay for infrastructure repair.

Yesterday President Obama said since Congress wouldn't pass

comprehensive immigration reform, so he was looking for ways to act via

executive order to deal with the problems of illegal immigration. The President

may slow or halt deportations of illegal immigrants.

Two big rulings from the Supreme Court yesterday including a

ruling that hit unions, and another that hit Obamacare's contraception mandate.

GM dramatically expanding the number of recalls as the

company continues to struggle. 28 million vehicles have been recalled by GM

this year alone!

The National Hurricane Center is tracking a storm moving up

the East Coast. The tropical depression off the coast of Florida could turn

into the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Iraq's new parliament convened today to try and choose a new

Prime Minister. Nouri al Maliki has refused to step aside. It comes as we get

word that more than 2400 people have been killed in Iraq in June. Terrorists

continue to control big chunks of the country.

As we reported yesterday, three teenagers were found

murdered in Hebron yesterday. The three teens went missing in the West Bank 2

and a half weeks ago. Today Israel hitting back with an arrest raid and air


There was a big rally today in Hong Kong for democracy. The

Chinese-controlled city is chaffing under new warnings by Beijing over control

of the former British colony.

The murder trial of Bladerunner Oscar Pistorius back

underway in South Africa with testimony focused on the night Reeva Steenkamp

was murdered.. neighbors heard screaming.

Team USA plays in the World Cup today. GO USA!

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