Pistorius Trial Resumes; New Terror Threat; New Name in Terror in Iraq & Syria

We're awaiting a major ruling from the Supreme Court (last day for opinions this term). The case centers on the retail chain Hobby Lobby, and it's resistance to pay for healthcare benefits that cover some types of contraception - what it considers life-ending types of contraception. Shannon Bream is reporting. We'll also have a guest to discuss the case.

There is one other ruling today.. Harris versus Quinn.. whether it is constitutional for unions to require union membership for some jobs. Mike Tobin reporting from Chicago.

President Obama set to nominate Robert McDonald to head the VA. He's a longtime business executive, and it's hoped he can help turnaround the troubled VA which has been beset by problems and a major scandal.

The terror group taking over big chunks of Iraq formally known as ISIS will henceforth be known as The Islamic State. They've declared their borders are from inside Syria to much of Iraq and they are a Muslim state for everyone. The countries of Iraq and Syria might disagree. It comes as new fighting rages at the Syrian/Iraqi border. Refugees are flooding out of parts of Iraq. Conor Powell brings us the latest.

ABC News is reporting that security changes could be coming to U.S. airports after reports that terrorists in Syria are coming up with "creative" new ways to make bombs targeting commercial flights. There is increasing concerns that fighters with Western passports could target planes in Europe or America.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah arrived in the U.S. Saturday. He pled not guilty on a conspiracy charge. He's a key suspect in the Benghazi terror attack that left 4 Americans including the U.S. ambassador to Libya dead in 2012.

A United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after an emergency slide deployed in flight.

The President is asking Congress for $2 billion to help with the surge of illegal immigrant children from Central America flooding into the U.S.

Gay pride celebrations took place yesterday from San Salvador to New York, Paris to Istanbul capping a week of court rulings in favor of gay marriage here in the U.S..

The Oscar Pistorius trial is back underway in South Africa. A new report was agreed to by both sides in the case that finds Pistorius wasn't mentally ill when he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The trial resumed today with testimony from the doctor that amputated Pistorius's legs.

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