Iraq Deteriorating; Are Bill & Hillary Clinton Getting a Fair Deal in the Media?

President Obama set to speak on the economy at 11:50am. We'll monitor for news.

House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp expected to send letters demanding accountability from the White House over the growing IRS targeting scandal. Mike Emanuel reporting.

New fallout on Benghazi today as we awaiting the arrival in the U.S. of suspected terrorist Ahmed Abu Khatalla.. Adam Housley and Catherine Herridge reporting.

Iraq continues to deteriorate. Terrorists from ISIS took over another town near Baghdad today as U.S. "advisors" continue to arrive. Growing reports of ethnic or religious cleansing.

The U.S. about to undertake a massive funding and training effort in Syria.. trying to belatedly help the moderate rebels trying to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashir Assad as he is now helping the terrorists in Iraq.

Jennifer Griffin, and Conor Powell reporting on Iraq and Syria.

The EU has signed a new trade deal with Ukraine and other former Eastern bloc countries.. it expands the Western influence map but it's also likely to piss off the Russians. Greg Palkot reporting.

It's been several weeks of harsh media criticism for the Clintons. Our media analysts weigh in.

Big shakeups in the world of television. Diane Sawyer says goodbye to the nightly news cast. Sherri Sheppard and Jenny McCarthy out at The View. Howard Kurtz weighs in.

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