Chaos Reigns in Iraq; Awaiting Big SCOTUS Decisions

Chaos continues to reign in Iraq. Mortars have hit Camp Anaconda - a U.S. camp North of Baghdad - as 40 U.S. "advisors" arrive in Iraq. Fighting is raging near several important sites including the Haditha dam, and several oil fields. Shi'ite and Sunni ethnic groups are fighting after the terror group ISIS took over much of the country in a blitzkrieg-style attack. There's a state department news conference at 11am. We'll monitor for news out of Iraq. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Europe discussing the peace process. We'll also look for news from him.

...1100EDT -- Press Briefing with Deputy State Dept Spokesperson Marie Harf. State Dept Press Briefing Room. LIVE

We're awaiting several important rulings from the Supreme Court including the Hobby Lobby case.. whether or not all types of contraception should be included in mandated health care coverage. Shannon Bream monitoring.

It's the 1 year anniversary of the Supreme Court's historic ruling striking down DOMA.. which allowed states to disregard gay marriages legalized in other states. It comes after two big rulings from federal judges yesterday that could lead to legalization of gay marriage in Utah and other states and has gay marriage licenses already being granted in Indiana.

The Clintons stepping in it lately. Hillary Clinton making news again today for an interview she gave to PBS. There's news on her book's sales. And Bill Clinton also raising some eyebrows with a speech he gave out West.

News on the IRS scandal. Fmr high-ranking IRS official Lois Lerner apparently suggested an audit of an invitation sent out by Senator Chuck Grassley. Republicans say it suggests Lerner was directly targeting conservatives. The furor over lost emails continues to boil.

There's also controversy over House Speaker John Boehner's news that he was filing a lawsuit against the White House over executive orders. Some are calling it a political witch hunt. Others say it's the only way to get answers from the White House.

New Fox polls out on the Midterms and on Gitmo.

Climate experts say an "El Nino" weather pattern is likely this year. It would bring more rain to the U.S. and warmer temperatures.

Investigators into missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 now believe the plane was on autopilot and ran out of fuel before crashing into the Indian Ocean. The search area for anything related to the flight is expanding southward again today. The plane disappeared March 8th.

The FAA wants to reduce building height around airports.. it's sure to set up a big fight with developers.

It's U.S. versus Germany in an important World Cup game today. Go USA.

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