Parsing the Election Results - Who Will Control the House and Senate?

There were primaries and runoffs in several states yesterday including MS, OK, NY, MD, UT and CO.

A dramatic runoff win for Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran last night. He defeated Tea Party backed-candidate Chris McDaniel. The McDaniel campaign is accusing the Cochran campaign of "nefarious campaign tactics." Carl Cameron reports.

In New York, Charlie Rangel declared victory in his primary fight to run for Congress again, though the race is still too close to officially call.

In Oklahoma, Congressman James Lankford won a special election to be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.

In Colorado, Bob Beauprez won the tough GOP nomination fight to be the republican candidate for Governor. He'll run against Democrat John Hickenlooper.

New Fox polling out on the IRS targeting story and on President Obama's handling of foreign policy.. specifically Iraq.

New reporting that the intelligence community warned the U.S. about a growing threat from terrorists in Iraq since the new year. That contradicts statements from WH officials that they were caught off guard by the insurgency.

President Obama meets with the Health and Human Services Secretary today.. amidst a new push on Obamacare.

We get the final revision to the first quarter GDP read.. It could be as low as -2%. Markets had a tough day yesterday, but volume remains light so probably not time to get too concerned. We also get durable goods orders.

We're awaiting big rulings from the Supreme Court. Shannon Bream reporting.

- Clint Henderson

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