Stunning Defeat for House Majority Leader; What's Next for GOP?

"Stunning," "Shocking," "Earthshaking," and "Career Ending."

Just a few of the words used to describe the defeat of House Majority Leader

Eric Cantor in his primary race in Virginia last night. Cantor was widely seen

as the heir apparent to House Speaker John Boehner, and has the leadership of

the House in disarray. Cantor was handily beaten by Tea Party backed Republican

David Brat. Brat ran on mostly one issue.. immigration. It was widely believed

Cantor was helping to move legislation on comprehensive immigration reform.

Happening Now friend Larry Sabato saying, "I've yet to find one person

nationally or in the state outside the Brat circle who thought Cantor would be


We've got Fox team coverage and analysis today throughout

the show.

The immigration issue is now one of the major issues of the

Midterms. You can expect it to dominate coverage in the coming months. It's

being driven, in part, by the flood of illegal immigrants into the Southwest

and Western U.S. There's a massive surge of unaccompanied minors surging into

the U.S. driven in part by violence and economic problems in Central America,

but also apparently because there are rumors that underage children will be

granted amnesty at some point soon. We have reports from the front lines.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel testifies today before the

Senate Armed Services Committee which is investigating the prisoner swap of

five Taliban leaders at Gitmo for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was being held in

Afghanistan. There's been outrage from both sides of the aisle over the deal.

We'll dip into and out of the live hearings, and we have Mike Emanuel


There's also a hearing today on the FBI with the Director

testifying, A hearing on the Dept of Homeland Security with the DHS Secretary

testifying, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meets on the nomination

of Stuart Jones to be Ambassador to Iraq among other Ambassadors.

The Al Qaeda takeover of Iraq's second largest city, Mosul,

likely to come up in that last hearing as the country continues to deteriorate.

Some 500,000 civilians have fled Mosul.

Conor Powell reports, and we'll talk to General Jack Keane

about the rise of Al Qaeda in Iraq and what it means to the Syrian civil war

and most importantly to American security.

Dan Springer reports on that horrible school shooting in

Oregon we covered live yesterday. 1 student killed, a coach injured, and the 14

year old shooter is dead.

A probate court in L.A. may make a ruling on whether Shelly

Sterling can sell the L.A. Lakers out from under her owner husband. He was

recorded making racist comments, and the public has demanded he sell the team.

The trucker that allegedly caused the crash that killed a

comedian and critically hurt comic Tracy Morgan is in court today in New

Jersey. Julie Banderas reporting.

NASA set to launch a flying saucer into the atmosphere today

in a test of technology that could be used in an eventual manned landing on


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