News on VA, Hillary Clinton's New Book, Sgt Bergdahl & Health Care + New Fox Polls!

We continue to follow the problems for our Veterans across the country. The House Veterans Affairs Committee held an unusual evening hearing last night. A top official admitted there was an "integrity issue," among many employees. Evidence continues to pile up that Veterans are oftentimes unable to get appointments and subjected to frequent long delays in care.

The Senate Armed Services Committee holds a closed briefing over the Taliban for Sgt Bowe Bergdahl swap. A Pentagon official tells Fox there's been no requests from relevant committees to see the classified reports on Bergdahl, but that could soon change. Mike Emanuel reporting.

0900EDT -- Senate Armed Services Cmte holds closed briefing on the Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange. Deputy Secy of Defense Robert Work, Joint Chiefs Vice Chair Adm James Winnefeld, Jr., DOD Gen Counsel Stephen Preston, Asst Secy of Defense for Special Ops/Low-Intensity Conflict Michael Lumpkin, Deputy Asst Secy of Defense for Afghanistan, Pakistan & Central Asia Michael Dumont, and Joint Staff Pakistan/Afghanistan Coordination Cell dir Brig Gen Robert White brief members. LIVE STAKEOUT via LiveU

Two House subcommittees take on Obamacare today with a joint hearing. They'll look at "inconsistencies" with some Obamacare applications.

Hillary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices," is out today. She discusses Benghazi in-depth in the book. We'll analyze. Catherine Herridge reports.

1100EDT -- Hillary Clinton kicks off her national book tour for Hard Choices at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, NYC. LIVE via LiveU

Voters in five states hold primaries. Voters in ME, NE, ND, SC, and VA head to the polls. Carl Cameron reporting.

There's been a massive surge of illegal immigrants into Western border states especially children, and the Federal government is running out of places to put them. Will Carr reports.

President Obama signs a water bill at 1045, awards a Congressional Gold Medal, and holds a Tumblr event this afternoon.

Eric Holder holding a live event at 11am honoring gays and lesbians for Pride month.

1100EDT -- Atty Gen Holder and Deputy Asst Atty Gen for the Civil Rights Div Pamela Karlan deliver remarks at the Dept of Justice LGBT Pride Month Observance Program, "Decades of Progress - Working Together with our Partners and Allies to Ensure Equality for All." LIVE

Several Social Security judges will testify before a House Oversight panel today after accusations they rubber-stamped disability claims.

A House subcommittee holds a 2pm hearing on the state of religious freedom. Shannon Bream reports.

A Pakistani airstrike killed at least 15 Taliban terrorists near the Afghan border. It comes 1 day after a Taliban attack on the Karachi Airport that left at least 29 including the attackers.

Horrible incident of apparent friendly-fire left five American NATO troops dead in southern Afghanistan.

Violence continues to rage in Iraq where terrorists have taken over the government headquarters in the city of Mosul.

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