Student Loan Relief? Another Executive Order. Hillary Clinton's Book Launch & 2016 Prospects

More fallout over the controversial swap of 5 top Taliban leaders for Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl. Today there will be an all-member, classified intelligence briefing at 5pm.. on both Bergdahl and Afghanistan. We're also expecting more reaction from Capitol Hill over the latest in the case.

New York Times reporting that Sergeant Bergdahl was tortured and kept in a cage. The Wall Street Journal reporting Bergdahl doesn't want to speak to his parents yet. Others have reported he is not yet ready to face the media or his family. We've got Fox team coverage.

The Taliban claiming responsibility for an attack on the Karachi, Pakistan airport that left at least 28 dead.

Terrorists also attacked a base in Afghanistan killing a guard.

Bombings in Iraq have killed 15.

President Obama talks the huge burden of student loans today during our second hour. He'll announce an executive order making sure those paying back loans only have to pay 10% of their income in repayments at a time.

There was a terrible shooting in Las Vegas yesterday. Two suspects assassinated two police officers at a pizza joint, before killing another person at a Wal Mart and then entering the Wal-Mart and committing murder suicide. One of the attackers reportedly yelled it was a "revolution," but it's unclear what the motive might have been. Adam Housley reporting.

New revelations on the VA scandal including a huge wait for Vets at a Wichita, Kansas hospital. There's another evening VA Committee hearing tonight. Doug McKelway reporting.

We're expecting reads on manufacturing and construction today. A survey by the National Association of Business Economists predicts healthy U.S. economic growth. Markets have continued to break records. We'll watch again today.

Comedian Tracy Morgan was critically injured over the weekend in a late night crash. A fellow comedian was killed.

A series of powerful storms expected across much of the center part of the nation today including Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. The same system produced a bunch of twisters in Colorado.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's chief of staff set to speak before a committee investigating traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge. He has denied any knowledge of the plot to slow traffic as political payback, but he'll testify under oath today.

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