New Fox Polls; Pres Obama says "No Apologies" Over Sgt Bergdahl

The controversy over the Sgt Bowe Bergdahl prisoner swap for 5 Taliban leaders continues to dominate the news cycle. Senator Lindsey Graham is calling for open hearings into the deal, what led up to it, and what the administration said about it. Calls for patience in finding out what Bergdahl has to say for himself are being drowned out by calls for someone's head over the whole thing.

A bipartisan intel briefing for Senators last night did little to calm things down.

New Fox polling suggests Americans are fed up with many U.S. policies. By a wide margin, Americans think Gitmo detainees get better treatment than most veterans. A majority of Americans think it was correct for VA Secy Eric Shinseki to be pressured to resign (he did), and a majority also say they disapprove of the President's handling of the VA Scandal.

Among the many recent scandals, the VA scandal is the most troubling to voters (33%), followed by the NSA spying scandal (27%), the Benghazi scandal (15%), and the IRS targeting scandal (13%).

We've got Fox team coverage, and political analysis.

President Obama has the opportunity to address the Bergdahl controversy again today as he continues his European travels. President Obama is in G7 meetings today. He also meets with the British Prime Minister and the French President today. Ed Henry traveling with the President.

There's a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing this afternoon. Mike Emanuel reports it's been one year after Edward Snowden's NSA leaks, and Congress hasn't done a thing about protecting American's privacy.

The Senate is expected to hold a confirmation vote on Sylvia Burwell to be HHS Secretary.

We get weekly jobless numbers today. Markets have been higher all week on light volume despite some red flags on the economy.

There was a terrible plane crash in Southern California last night. A Marine jet plunged into a neighborhood destroying several houses. The pilot was able to eject safely, and so far no injuries or deaths reported.

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