Summer Super Tuesday

President Obama is in Poland showing support for one of our strongest allies in the face of Russian aggression, and honoring the 25th anniversary of Poland's freedom from communism.

The President spoke on the growing controversy over the release of 5 Taliban terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for a U.S. Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

President Obama saying, "we saw an opportunity, we were concerned about Sergeant Bergdahl's health, we had the cooperation of the Qataris to execute an exchange and we seized that opportunity."

That's not likely to satisfy the critics including one of our guests today who said, "I think we just threw out the policy of non-negotiation with terrorists."

It's "Summer Super Tuesday" with important races in Mississippi, Iowa and California. There are also primaries in Montana, Alabama, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota. John Roberts, Carl Cameron and Adam Housley reporting.

Mitch McConnell and Harry Reid testifying on campaign finance reform today before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on campaign finance reform.

Two day NATO 28 member meeting today - could get tense over Ukraine.

We get reports on car sales and factory orders today. Keep an eye on the markets.

Molly Line covering a second day of a hearing for a college fried of the Boston Bombing suspects who's accused of helping hide evidence.

That manhunt we told you about yesterday related to a man wanted in connection with explosives is over. San Francisco police captured Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II yesterday not far from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Dan Marino suing the NFL over concussions. Our legal panel weighs in on that.

Presidential elections in Syria today where dictator Bashir Assad expected to "win." 160,000+ have died in the Syrian Civil War.

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