Will VA Secretary Eric Shinseki Resign Today?

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki speaks this morning at the National Coalition on Homeless Veterans where he'll likely make comments on the scandal engulfing his administration. He's also scheduled to give his assessment of problems at the VA to the White House today. It's unclear whether he'll still have a job after the meeting. There are growing bipartisan calls for his resignation.

Politico has excerpts from Hillary Clinton's new book "Hard Choices." Clinton offers a strong defense of her actions during and after the terror attack on U.S. assets in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Clinton attacks her Republican critics and accuses them of using the murder of Americans for political ends. Clinton writes "Those who exploit this tragedy over and over as a political tool minimize the sacrifice of those who served our country."

The Republican Leadership Conference happening in New Orleans. John Roberts covering.

We get some economic reports today. Market futures are lower after a not-bad week for stocks. We'll keep an eye on it.

Defense officials from Asia, Europe and the U.S. are meeting today at the "Shangri-La Dialogue," in Singapore. It's likely to be testy as China and Japan and Vietnam continue to fight over territorial waters and fishing grounds.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says Russia has moved some of its troops from the border with Ukraine. It appears Russia may be blinking in the standoff with the West although fighting continues to rage in Eastern Ukraine.

Former Microsoft executive and billionaire Steve Balmer submitted a winning bid for the L.A. Clippers of some $2billion. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was recorded making racist statements and was banned for life from the NBA. His wife is selling the team, but that may be challenged in court.

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