Report casts doubt on whether California mom grabbed boy allegedly bullying her daughter

An investigative report casts doubt on whether a Northern California mother grabbed the throat of a 12-year-old boy she suspected of bullying her daughter.

The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa says ( ) the seven-page report was released Tuesday by attorneys for 30-year-old Delia Garcia-Bratcher. It suggests the boy choked himself, leaving red marks he later claimed were caused by the mother of six.

The theory is based on statements from a 10-year-old witness who told a defense investigator that he saw the boy put both hands around his own neck after Garcia-Bratcher left Olivet Charter Elementary School on May 16.

Garcia-Bratcher's attorney says he passed along the report to Sonoma County prosecutors, who are weighing whether to bring charges.

The mother says she simply talked to the alleged bully.


Information from: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat,