The anonymous man behind the Twitter handle @HiddenCash has been hiding money throughout San Francisco since last week and says he has no plans to stop. In fact, he plans on expanding into new cities.

Little is known about the man, who told The San Francisco Chronicle that he just closed a half-million-dollar real estate deal and wanted to have fun in the city with the money.

He said these giveaways are a "social experiment for good." He claims to make his money off San Francisco's hot and lucrative real estate market and hopes that winners also "pay it forward."

His Twitter following exploded from a few hundred Friday to more than 126,000 and counting by Wednesday morning.

"I have no plans to stop anytime soon. In fact, we will also drop some in L.A. next week (I am going there on business). Any maybe expand to more cities," he told The Chronicle.

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The latest message, which reads like something the Riddler from "Batman" might post, came early Wednesday morning and read, "San Jose drops in the morning. Showing the South Bay some love and cash."

Sergio Loza, 28, of San Francisco, said he saw a clue on Twitter Sunday morning with the message "Early bird gets the worm." He raced out and found an envelope with $50 inside taped to a parking meter in the city's Mission District.

Loza said he spent $30 on clothes for his 2-year-old niece's birthday and gave her the remaining $20 as well.

"I didn't spend it on myself," said Loza, a security guard. "It feels good to give, especially in these times."

Adam Wenger, 27, said he won $200 by finding two envelopes about two hours apart Friday in the city's South of Market District. One envelope read, "With Love, from @HiddenCash. Leave $20 somewhere and pay it forward."
Wenger, a web producer for KGO-Radio, bought pizza for his co-workers on Tuesday and plans to pay a $100 parking ticket. "

The person operating the Twitter account appears to be satisfied with the growing popularity. @HiddenCash posted, "Frankly, a little overwhelmed with requests for media and cash. It hasn't been a week. Wow."

The Associated Press contributed to this report