The Emerging Obama Doctrine?

President Obama set to give the commencement address at West Point today. It's expected to be an important opportunity for the president to lay out the Obama foreign policy, and will no doubt include the President's plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan. We'll take it live and we have lots of good reaction from some important guests today. Yesterday the President announced U.S. troops would leave Afghanistan by end of 2016.

It comes as we get reports from the Associated Press that the President may approve a project to train and equip Syrian rebels in their three year old push to overthrown Syrian dictator Bashir Assad.

We've also learned today that Secretary of State John Kerry has ordered the creation of a $5 billion anti-terror fund. It's to try and help other countries push back against radical terrorism.

The House Veteran's Affairs Committee holds an unusual 7:30pm hearing tonight. Reps from the VA will testify. We'll ask Senator John McCain about the scandal and about the President's foreign policy announcements when he joins us in the 1pm hour.

There are wildfires raging in California and Arizona today. 3 buildings in Central CA have been destroyed so far in one fire.

Ex-Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is set to be arraigned today on charges in a second murder case.

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