Does Bull Market Have Room to Run?

Claudia Cowan reports on the investigation into the mass murderer Elliot Rodger who killed six people and injured 13 before killing himself in Isla Vista,CA. Today.. UC Santa Barbara holds a memorial service.

John Roberts looks at the Mississippi Senate primary. It's ugly. Casey Stegall looking at tough new voter ID laws in Texas.

A tornado touched down at an oil worker camp in North Dakota.. injuring nine.

Three men remain missing following an all-day search yesterday. The three disappeared during a massive mudslide in Colorado.

We get several reads on the economy today including reports on durable goods, home prices, and consumer confidence. We're going to take a look at the bull market stocks have been having for the past several years, and whether it's sustainable.

New data suggests executive pay continues to soar. A new survey says the typical CEO now makes about 257 times what an average worker makes.

Peter Doocy takes a look at the tough job market for recent graduates. 15.5% unemployment rate for so-called Millenials.

Rural hospitals are having trouble complying with Obamacare rules that make all records electronic. Garrett Tenney reports.

Heavy fighting in Donetsk, Ukraine as Ukrainian forces retook the airport by force from pro-Russian separatists. Rebels say at least 30 were killed.

A pro-West billionaire won election on Sunday. So far Russia has been restrained.

It's day 2 of elections in Egypt. Abdel El-Sissi expected to handily win. He is the former military chief who threw out Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was the leader of Muslim Brotherhood who was democratically elected, but quickly lost popularity.

The Nigerians say they know where nearly 300 missing school girls are, but are worried a rescue would lead to their deaths. The girls were kidnapped by Islamic extremists. Jennifer Griffin reports.

Someone is hiding $100 bills in California.. for a huge treasure hunt! Fun.

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