VA Scandal Growing; GOP Victories in Primaries; Gay Marriage Now Legal Across Northeast

The VA scandal continues to grow. Embattled VA Secretary Eric Shinseki would be given more authority to fire senior executives under a bill headed to the House floor for a possible vote today. President meeting with Shinseki this morning at the White House. The number of Veterans Affairs facilities being investigated for poor treatment of Vets and/or mismanagement has risen to 26. Outrage is growing.

Six states held primaries last night. It was a good night for the Republican party, and not such a great showing from the Tea Party. Carl Cameron and John Roberts reporting.

The Senate expected to take up the controversial nomination of David Barron to the Appeals court. He is the guy who authored the drone memos that allowed an American terrorist to be killed by drone strike.

The Supreme Court late last night halted the execution of a Missouri man on death row. The 46-year-old murderer and rapist has a birth defect that could make execution extra painful.

There's an arraignment of the Montana man accused of killing a German exchange student who was allegedly breaking into his garage.

A wildfire in Arizona is forcing evacuations.

Pennsylvania begins issuing same-sex marriage licenses today. Gay marriage now legal in every state in the Northeast after a judge struck down Pennsylvania's ban on same sex as unconstitutional. Gay couples in Oregon began getting licenses on Monday after a similar court ruling.

President Obama welcomes Super Bowl Champs Seattle Seahawks to the White House this afternoon.

Russia again insisting they are pulling some 40,000 troops from the border with Ukraine, but NATO says there is no signs of a pullout. Russia holding an economic forum today but the heads of most major U.S. companies are boycotting the event. Meantime, Russia and China have worked out a huge deal to send Russian gas to China..

At least 118 people are dead after twin car bombings in the Nigerian city of Jos.

Former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to three years in prison today for embezzlement.

New rules being proposed by the Transportation Department that airlines will have to disclose all the fees they charge to passengers.

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