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Dallas police search for former assistant top cop


FILE: Police say 63-year-old Gregory Holliday is suicidal. (

Dallas police are searching for a former assistant police chief they believe may harm himself.

Police said 63-year-old Gregory Holliday is suicidal. Originally, police said Holliday may be armed, but officers would not confirm that on Tuesday, saying they didn't know.

Mounted patrols searched a far north Dallas golf course Tuesday morning, which is near where he was last seen on Monday at Campbell and Preston roads, reported.

His wife told police that he had been a depressed about the anniversary of his daughter’s death.

Police say Holliday had been on medication for the issues he was dealing with , but was trying to wean himself off it, which may have caused him to become confused -- so confused, in fact, police believe he may not have been paying attention when he was hit by a car when he walked into busy Frankford Road.

Holliday was hit head-on, but when paramedics arrived, they said he was uncooperative, refused treatment and walked away.  

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