Wild Weather Across the Country + Is Sugar the New Tobacco?

There was another weekend of severe weather.. Massive storms smashing into the Plains and Midwest, Snow in the Rockies. Yes snow! Montana, Wyoming and Colorado all got lots of snow. And super dry conditions out West. One town in Arizona has declared a "water crisis," and they are very worried about fires in Southern California.

Garrett Tenney reporting. Janice Dean in the Extreme Weather Center.

President Obama meeting at the White House today with the President of Uruguay at 11am.

Senate in the middle of a big fight over the Keystone Pipeline. Mike Emanuel reporting.

Will Carr reports today from Los Angeles on the lack of preparedness by Californians for large earthquakes including possibly "the big one."

Catherine Herridge has the latest on the Benghazi scandal.

A referendum in Eastern Ukraine resulted in about 90% approval in some parts of Ukraine for independence (and alignment with Russsia), but so far the Kremlin says Russia has no "plans" to annex those regions of Ukraine like it did in Crimea.

Conor Powell reporting on the kidnapped Nigerian girls. There is new video of some of the young women kidnapped by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram. Boko Haram has also unleashed new attacks. The Nigerian government is getting help from the U.S. Jennifer Griffin and Conor Powell reporting.

The Taliban has begun a ‘spring offensive' with attacks on Afghan police. At least 14 are dead already.

The Washington Monument in DC re-opens today. Doug Luzader is there.

The murder trial of Oscar Pistorius resumes today in South Africa.

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