Crime & Courts

CNN producers accused of trying to trespass at World Trade Center site having cases dropped

A court has agreed to dismiss charges against two CNN producers accused of trying to trespass at the World Trade Center site while reporting about security lapses there.

A judge agreed Thursday to dismiss Connor Fieldman Boals' misdemeanor case if Boals does two days of community service. Yon Pomrenze's case was dismissed outright after prosecutors said he only shot video during the March 25 incident.

The two were arrested shortly after three skydivers and a teenage climbing enthusiast were charged with breaching security at ground zero.

A CNN spokeswoman has said the producers weren't asked to sneak onto the site.

A court complaint said Boals tried to get through non-public entrances and climbed halfway up a fence.

His lawyer says Boals would rather report the news than be in it.

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