Awaiting Makeup of Benghazi Select Committee

We are waiting to hear the final makeup of the Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi. House Speaker John Boehner set to name members to the committee today. We still don't know if Democrats will participate. Catherine Herridge reporting.

0930EDT -- House Dem Caucus holds closed meeting in the Zimmerman Room to discuss how they will react to the Benghazi Select Cmte. FNC TAPE STAKEOUT

President Obama makes remarks on energy at a Walmart in Mountain View, CA today. He'll speak about energy efficiency, but the trip is raising eyebrows among liberals upset that the President is spotlighting Walmart.

Mike Emanuel reporting on raising the minimum wage on military bases. There's a briefing from the Pentagon at 11:30am.

Jennifer Griffin is reporting on U.S. help for Nigeria in rescuing kidnapped girls taken by Boko Haram.

0945EDT -- House Foreign Affairs cmte considers a resolution condemning the abduction of the 276 school girls in Nigeria. LIVE

Severe weather made a mess of several states. 70 miles per hour winds tore through Texas. Hail the size of quarters in South Dakota. Possible tornadoes in Minnesota.

There's a House hearing on preventing a real-life "Gravity" at 10am. (No Space junk!)

Doug McKelway reports on an emergency order by the Feds requiring all trains carrying crude oil from North Dakota to let local police and fire departments know if they are travelling through their city or towns.

Russia up to its old tricks. Putin held a massive military parade including displays of Russian military might in Crimea. The annual Victory Day parade marks Russia's victory over Germany in WWII, but it was especially ominous this year. This as there's little evidence to suggest Russia is pulling troops back from the Ukrainian border (as promised earlier in the week). Pro-Russian Ukrainians going ahead with a referendum on independence this weekend despite Putin saying to stand down. Meantime, fresh violence has some dead in an Eastern Ukrainian city.

The Pistorius murder trial underway again today with live pictures seen of the gunshot wounds of Reeva Steenkamp.

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