Benghazi Vote Today on Select Committee

The House expected to debate a resolution for a select committee on Benghazi today. Republicans want to know what the White House knew about the terror attack that left 4 Americans dead in Libya in 2012. Democrats are increasingly using the words "conspiracy theory" to describe the efforts to find out what happened and the WH reaction to it. Democrats may end up boycotting the process.

The House also voted yesterday to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt. Republicans have said she used her powers at the IRS to politically target conservative groups. Lerner has pled the 5th in past congressional investigations, but has also claimed she didn't break any laws.

House Speaker John Boehner holds a news conference at 11:30am. We'll be ready to listen.

The Senate is taking up the nomination of Sylvia Burwell to be HHS Secretary (replacing Sebelius). Most analysts think she will be confirmed since the Senate now needs just 51 votes to be confirmed (thanks to the so-called nuclear option passed by dems last year). But the hearing could give an opportunity to critics of the Affordable Care Act to vent. Mike Emanuel reporting.

The House Veterans Affairs Committee holds a meeting on scandal at a Vet hospital in Phoenix today. It's being called an "emergency meeting," over troubles at the VA.. You'll remember 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment. The Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is being pressured to resign over the matter.

We get new weekly jobs numbers today. Amazon is expanding Sunday deliveries. Earnings from Priceline, Con Edison and News Corp (our parent company) among others today. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen back on the Hill to talk economy.. could move the markets. Comments from her yesterday gave world markets some hope. Treasury Secretary Lew also testifying. We'll monitor.

Jennifer Griffin, Catherine Herridge, and Amy Kellogg reporting on the 270 girls kidnapped in Nigeria.

Is Russia pulling back from the brink of war? Vladimir Putin claims his pulling Russian troops from the border, and urging Eastern Ukraine not to hold a referendum on alignment with Russia, but can Putin be trusted?

The Pistorius murder trial resumes this morning in South Africa. Paul Tilsley reporting.

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