IRS, Benghazi, EPA, Affordable Care Act, Economy & Pork All Under Spotlight on Capitol Hill Today

Several hearings we're keeping a close eye on today on Capitol HIll.

There are two hearings on health care and the Affordable Care Act. One in the Senate, one in the House. We're expecting new data on enrollments today including who has paid after signing up. Insurance companies will reportedly testify that 80-85% of those who signed up have made their initial insurance payments.

We're also awaiting a contempt vote for Lois Lerner. She is the IRS official accused of helping politically target certain political groups. There's a hearing on the IRS today where it could come up. Mike Emanuel reporting.

And at 11am, Senator McCain with others will hold a news conference to announce the annual "pig book," monitoring pork barrel projects funneling money to home districts.

The head of the Department of Veterans Affairs says he won't resign despite allegations of inadequate treatment of patients at some VA facilities.

The nation's largest veterans organization called for him to step down Monday.

Catherine Herridge reporting on who will be on the Congressional Select Committee on Benghazi.

There is also a hearing today on the EPA we'll be monitoring.

We're monitoring the testimony from Fed Reserve on the economic outlook.

President Obama set to tour tornado damage in Arkansas for his first visit to the state. 15 people were killed in two twisters hitting the suburbs of Little Rock. President Obama was invited there by Democratic Senator Mark Pryor who is seen as vulnerable in the midterm elections.

Rebels in Syria have begun to evacuate the one-time Syrian revolution stronghold city of Homs.. under a cease fire agreement. Homs has been bombed to smithereens and the people are starving to death. Conor Powell reports on what could be the beginning of the end of the rebellion.

The PM of Thailand has resigned after a Constitutional Court found her guilty of abuse of power. It's a bit of a mess there.

President Obama promising help to rescue 300 teenage girls kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria. The terror group Boko Haram is promising more kidnappings. They don't want women to be educated.

The U.S. is denouncing a planned referendum in Eastern Ukraine as bogus and a way for the Russians to legitimize an invasion. Leland Vittert reporting.

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-Clint Henderson

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