New Libya Hearing Likely to Focus on Terror Attack 9/11/2012

The deaths of four Americans in that terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 is back in the spotlight. There's a hearing from the House Oversight Committee today on Libya that will likely focus on the terror attack, and Jay Carney briefs at 11:30am where he's expected to get grilled again on what the White House said in the days after the deaths of 4 Americans. The White House denied a newly uncovered email sent three days after the attack was about the incident. Republicans are calling it a smoking gun, but Jay Carney says it was about the situation in the Muslim world overall. Catherine Herridge reporting.

0930EDT -- House Oversight & Govt Reform Cmte holds hearing on "Benghazi, Instability, and a New Govt: Successes and Failures of US Intervention in Libya." Fmr US Africom Intel Dir USAF Brig Gen Robert Lovell (Ret.), Foundation for Defense of Democracies sr fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Ph.D, and Hoover Institution Research Fellow Kori Schake, Ph.D. LIVE

...1130EDT -- Briefing by Press Secy Jay Carney. LIVE

There's a huge political fight going on over Obamacare enrollees and how many of the 8 million who've signed up have made their insurance coverage payments. We'll have details.

President Obama and the Democrats are outraged a higher minimum wage bill was blocked in the Senate yesterday. President Obama trying to make it a big deal.

Flooding remains a major problem for a big chunk of the South and of the Eastern United States today. Two feet of rain fell in 24 hours in parts of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Folks there comparing it to a Hurricane. One called it worse than Hurricane Ivan. In Baltimore, MD a block long street caved in after torrential rains. The storm system generated at least 65 tornadoes and killed at least 37.

Out West wildfires are the problem with a red flag warning for Southern California and more than 1000 acres already burned in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

A gas explosion at a jail in Pensacola, Florida has killed at least 2 and injured 100. Jonathan Serrie reporting.

Ukraine seems to be giving up on retaking control of some cities in Eastern Ukraine taken over by pro-Russian separatists. Leland Vittert reporting today from Donetsk, Ukraine.

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