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Heard on Fox

Call for volunteers in wake of deadly tornadoes

Residents across the Southeast felt the effects of devastating weather this week, with storm systems spawning tornadoes from Oklahoma to Alabama, leaving 36 people dead.  

Operation Blessing International, one of the largest humanitarian organizations in America, has deployed its domestic disaster relief team to Tupelo, Miss., in the wake of tornadoes that destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses.

Dan Moore, director of U.S. Disaster Relief & Programs for Operation Blessing, spoke to Fox News’ Lauren Green about their ground operation to help victims.

Moore described the destruction left by the tornado in Tupelo. “The whole area – a lot of businesses and hotels have roofs damaged … in [neighborhoods] many homes have been completely destroyed, a lot of trees down,” Moore said. “It’s pretty devastating.”

“[Volunteers] can help homeowners salvage their home and their belongings that sometimes can’t be replaced.”

- Dan Moore

Since first arriving on scene, Operation Blessing has connected with local emergency personnel, and local officials to help aid residents in the area.

“We’ve gone and met with residents, we go door-to door and canvas the area to see what their needs are and see how Operation Blessing can see volunteers to come and help,” Moore said.

Operation Blessing relies on volunteers to help in the recovery, and Moore made a plea for help in the recovery efforts.

“The biggest thing is coordinating those volunteers,” Moore said. “[They] can help homeowners salvage their home and their belongings that sometimes can’t be replaced.”

To give to tornado victims and relief efforts, Moore says go to their website

“If you can give to support what Operation Blessing is doing on the ground, we’d greatly appreciate that,” Moore said. “It helps us to not only be on the ground in real-time but help meet the needs of the community immediately.”

Watch the full interview with Dan Moore above.

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