New Polling Is Bad News for Pres Obama & Democrats as Midterms Approach

A horrific series of storms smashed into the Southern U.S. overnight. Two are dead in Tennessee after a tornado hit Lincoln County destroying homes and a middle school. At least 11 in the South have been killed. The overall death toll from two days of severe storms is at least 28. Casey Stegall and Jonathan Serrie reporting.

Some not so great news for President Obama and the Democrats heading into the Midterm elections. Here's how the Washington Post put it:

"Democrats face serious obstacles as they look to the November elections, with President Obama's approval rating at a new low and a majority of voters saying they prefer a Congress in Republican hands to check the president's agenda, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll."

There's also new polling from Kaiser. It shows the Affordable Care Act is not being seen as a success, and insurance is still too expensive. More on that today too.

The controversy over Clippers owner Donald Sterling continue to grow after a call he allegedly made to his then-girlfriend was leaked. He allegedly goes on a racist rant on the call. More and more NBA stars are calling for him to be suspended. There's a news conference at 2pm today where the NBA commissioner addresses the media regarding their own investigation. William La Jeunesse continues to cover the story, and we'll add Jim Gray to discuss.

There's an active shooter at a Fed-Ex facility in Georgia. Initial reports of six people injured with the gunman still on the loose. Breaking news as we get it.

Closing arguments today in the dramatic double murder trial of a Minnesota homeowner accused to gunning down 2 teenaged burglars. Mike Tobin reporting.

New sanctions announced today by the EU on several prominent Russians and some pro-Russian Ukrainians. The U.S. announced new sanctions yesterday. Today several Senators hold at discussion at the Atlantic Council during our hours on the standoff with Russia over Ukraine. Secretary of State John Kerry will make a speech today during the 1pm hour on the future of NATO. We'll also monitor that.

1145-1245EDT -- The Role of the US: A European Power with Sens Corker, McCain, Menendez, and Murphy. LIVE

1330-1400EDT -- Secy Kerry makes Keynote Remarks. LIVE

...1330EDT -- House Foreign Affairs Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats Subcmte and Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Subcmte hold joint hearing on "US-Russia Nuclear Arms Negotiations: Ukraine and Beyond." Principal Deputy Asst Secy of State for Nuclear and Strategic Policy Anita Friedt and Deputy Asst Secy of State Brent Hartley testify. LIVE

Secretary Kerry also under fire today for a comparison he made to Israel and South Africa under Apartheid. Jewish leaders and many in the GOP are fuming over the comparison.

We are awaiting potential news on Benghazi and the WH talking points. Stand by for news.

Supreme Court hearing arguments today over warrants and mobile phones. Judge Naps weighs in.

We get consumer confidence numbers today along with a read on housing after a "meh" day on Wall Street. Earnings season continues today with reports from Aflac, Bristol Myers, Ebay, Merk and Sprint.

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