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President of San Diego Tailhook group quits amid Navy probe into sexual harassment allegations

A former commander of the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels has resigned as president of the San Diego-based Tailhook Association amid a military investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

The association's executive director, Retired Navy Capt. J.R. Davis, says Capt. Gregory McWherter submitted his resignation to the private, nonprofit group via email Friday.

Davis says McWherter stated that he has a "serious distraction" with his Navy career that would diminish his capability to serve. McWherter could not be reached for comment.

The Navy recently relieved McWherter as executive officer of Naval Base Coronado amid allegations he tolerated inappropriate comments and pornographic images in the workplace of the Blue Angels.

The Tailhook Association made national headlines in 1991 when Navy pilots at its convention were accused of sexually abusing female officers.

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