New Violence in Eastern Ukraine; Goodbye Net Neutrality?

Five pro-Russian ‘insurgents' reportedly dead in Eastern Ukraine as Ukrainian soldiers crack down on the pro-Russian forces occupying key government and military installations in Eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already said if Kiev used the Army in Eastern Ukraine it's a "serious crime."

President Obama is in Tokyo for meetings and tours. He travels to South Korea tonight as he continues a four day Asia trip. Last night the President said new sanctions were ready to go on Russia, but he was trying to give diplomacy a chance. But the President also said what he's seen so far from Eastern Ukraine doesn't make him hopeful Russia is sticking to its word to stop meddling.

The President also said the U.S. backed Japan's security 100%. And the Japanese PM said he fully trusted President Obama.

Update on that ferry sinking off the Coast of South Korea. 159 bodies have been recovered, and another 143 are missing and presumed dead as the gruesome search for victims continues in the sunken ferry.

Three American doctors were killed by an Afghan guard in Kabul today. The guard who was supposed to be protecting them apparently opened fire. The murders at Cure International Hospital in western Kabul was the latest attack on foreign civilians in the Afghan capital this year.

FDA cracking down on E-Cigarettes for the first time. E-cigs may end up requiring a warning label just like regular cigarettes.

The FCC making some changes in policy on the internet. The Federal Communications Commission is throwing out some aspects of so-called ‘net neutrality,' and will now allow consumers to BUY faster internet access. The new rules, reported by the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, might allow companies like Disney, Google, or Netflix to pay internet providers like Time Warner or Verizon for faster lanes to send video and other content to consumers. It probably means higher prices for higher speeds.

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