New Lead in Hunt for Doomed Malaysia Airliner?

The United States is sending 600 paratroopers to Poland and the Baltic region in a message to Russia over its aggression in Ukraine.

Rear Admiral John Kirby said "I can announce today that a company-size contingent of paratroopers from the U.S. Army Europe's 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team airborne, which is based in Vicenza, Italy, will arrive in Poland tomorrow to begin exercises with Polish troops." Jennifer Griffin reports for us today.

President Obama is in Japan today as he begins an Asian tour that is to include four countries. He's already met with the Japanese Prime Minister. Late tonight there will be a joint news conference. Ed Henry travelling with the President.

The First Lady will speak to 1000 U.S. service members and their families today.

1200EDT -- FLOTUS & Dr. Biden deliver remarks to more than 1,000 service members, spouses & employees as part of Joining Forces Initiative, Fort Campbell, KY. WZTV TAPE

We get new numbers on new home sales today. We're also awaiting earnings from Apple, Delta, Dow, ETrade and Facebook today.

There's a new clue in the hunt for doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.. an unidentified piece of ‘something' washed up on the Australian shore, and there's speculation it could be a piece of debris from the plane. Subs have found nothing on the ocean floor so far.

The death toll in the South Korean ferry disaster has risen to 150. 150 more are missing and presumed dead. Divers are going room by room in the sunken ship to recover bodies. Most of the dead were high school students.

Jennifer Griffin reporting that the U.S. is sending forces to Poland

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