36,000 Runners Have a Message for Terrorists - You Can't Win

Security is extra tight Beantown today as 36,000 runners plan to run the Boston Marathon. It's the 118th year of the event marred by terror last year when 2 bombs exploded at the race. 3 died and another 260 were hurt. Molly Line reporting.

President Obama and the First Lady will hold the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House this morning.

1040 EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at and participates with kids in annual Easter Egg Roll. South Lawn.

A 16 year old boy is lucky to be alive after surviving as a stowaway on a flight from California to Hawaii. William La Jeunesse tells us his amazing story.

Still no sign of missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 despite a week of searching the ocean floor for the wreckage.

Four more crew members of that doomed ferry have been arrested. The ferry went down off the coast of South Korea. More than 300 are dead or missing. The captain and 2 crew members had already been arrested on suspicion of negligence and abandoning people in need.

Vice President Joe Biden headed to Ukraine today as tensions continue to boil. The VP will meet with the acting President and Prime Minister. Over the weekend, 3 were killed at an illegal checkpoint set up by pro-Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine. The New York Times says it found evidence tying masked men inside Eastern Ukraine to Russia. Ukrainian officials have called it a stealth invasion. So much for the "deal" signed by Russia to de-escalate the crisis.

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