New Fox Polling on President, Potential 2016 Candidates

New Fox News polling today on everything from the President's approval to voters views of potential Presidential candidates. We'll have analysis.

We'll also take a look at Hillary Clinton's legacy at the State Department as she gears up for a possible White House run.

More than 280 are still missing after a ferry sank off the coast of South Korea. There are reports some people are trapped inside the sunken ship, and may still be alive in air pockets. Nine are confirmed dead so far. A storm is making rescues almost impossible.

Data collected by a Navy submarine after the first full day of underwater searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 now being analyzed. The robotic sub completed a 16 hour shift underwater after two partial days before that. It's look for the wreckage and black boxes from the plane that went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean with 239 aboard. Today could be the final day of surface area searching for wreckage.

Russia, the U.S., Ukraine and the E.U. meet today in Geneva, Switzerland. It's the first meeting about the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin says he's hopeful for diplomatic success, but denies Russian involvement in troubles in Eastern Ukraine. A Ukrainian assault on pro-Russians in the East led to the deaths of 3 and injuries of 13 at a military base. The New York Times today points out the substantial hit the Russian economy has taken as a result of the military adventurism. New U.S. sanctions against Russia are slated to go into effect soon.

Watch the markets today. We get weekly jobless numbers and stock soared yesterday.

President honoring wounded warriors today at the White House.

1105EDT -- POTUS & VPOTUS welcome the Wounded Warrior Project's Soldier Ride to the White House in celebration of the seventh annual Soldier Ride. South Lawn. LIVE

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