HHS Secy Sebelius Resigns; Pres Obama Discusses Live at 11am

Embattled Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has resigned. The President will formally announce the resignation during our show today. He will nominate budget director Sylvia Mathews Burwell to replace the controversial HHS Secy. Sebelius has been the face of and the botched rollout and has survived withering criticism.. until now.

We'll have analysis plus we've put together a panel to discuss what changes we've seen to health care as a result of the ACA so far.

A House committee voted yesterday to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt for refusing to answer its questions about her role in the IRS targeting scandal. It accused her of holding up applications for tax exemption from conservative political groups before the last election.

A woman apparently threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton at en event in Las Vegas yesterday. The woman is being questioned and will face charges. The former Secretary of State and First Lady was not injured, and was able to duck the athletic shoe and even joke about the incident.

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he's confident several signals detected in the southern Indian Ocean are coming from the flight data and cockpit recorders of doomed Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Search crews are trying to find the black boxes on the ocean floor.

A new report out today on the Boston Marthon Bombings last year conclude it's impossible to know if anything could have been done to prevent the attack by two Chechen brothers. The attack left 3 dead and 200 injured. The report doesn't mention new reporting that Russia held on to information on the brothers that might have prevented the attack.

Greg Palkot reports today on the huge buildup of Russian forces on the border of Eastern Ukraine. We have new satellite pictures showing the extent of that buildup. There are growing fears that Russia will use drummed up Russian inspired protests in Eastern Ukraine as a pretext for invading (again).

More than 100 are sick after an outbreak of Norovirus on a Princess Cruise off the California coast.

A horrible crash in California.. where a van full of college students crashed into a big rig. At least 9 are dead.

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