Dog who outran NYC commuter train rescued by officials and put up for adoption

A fast and frisky pooch who outran a New York City commuter train is lucky to be alive.

The speedy dog was seen galloping alongside a Metro-North Railroad train on a parallel track Tuesday, The New York Post reported.

About half a dozen other trains in the area scheduled to pass through were told to slow down and watch out for a stray animal, according to Fox affiliate WNYW. The trains run on tracks that are electrified by a third rail -- at about 700 volts.

Engineer Joseph Delia told the Post that the dog was running "like she didn't have a care in the world." Then she got ahead of the train -- running directly in front of it -- and Delia said he had to go "real slow" to avoid hitting her.

Delia was afraid the dog would hit the third rail, telling the Post, "She’s not a very big dog. I was worried she wouldn’t make it and get electrocuted."

Two MTA police officers brought the dog to safety at the 125th St. station in Manhattan. The agency said the dog walked into the officers' arms at the end of the platform as customers applauded, according to news reports. 

The officers named the dog "Tie," after all the railroad ties she crossed, and plan to put her up for adoption. The owner of the dog is not known. 

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