Pistorius Testifying in His Own Defense - Some Republicans Unhappy With Obamacare Fix

President Obama set to sign two executive orders today. One will allow federal workers to discuss their pay. The other will set new rules forcing federal contractors to provide compensation data including breakdowns by race and gender. The President will make remarks from the East Room at the White House during our show.

1145EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks. East Room. LIVE

Lots of hearings today on the Hill including Secretary of State John Kerry testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Attorney General Eric Holder testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. Could be news from both. We'll be monitoring.

1000EDT -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte holds hearing on "Natl Security and Foreign Policy Priorities in the FY2015 Intl Affairs Budget." Secy Kerry testifies. LIVE

1000EDT -- House Judiciary Cmte holds hearing on "Oversight of the US Dept of Justice." Atty Gen Holder testifies. LIVE

A Senate passed long-term unemployment benefits package could be taken up by the House today as Republicans feel some pressure on the subject in an election year.

An Obamacare fix passed by the House in the Medicare doc fix getting a lot of attention today. Some conservatives unhappy with its passage. Mike Emanuel reports.

Two people are dead after a series of terrible storms swept across parts of the country yesterday. Flash floods and high winds make a mess of several southern states.

No news from the Indian Ocean floor. Crews did not hear any pings yesterday despite searching the area where two separate pings were heard over the weekend. The pings are thought to have possibly been from the missing black boxes from Malaysia Air Flight 370. If no more pings are heard, eventually a submarine will search the Ocean floor for debris.

We are awaiting results from a mostly successful Afghan election. Conor Powell reports.

Talks on Iran continue today in Vienna over Iran's nuke program.

China and the U.S. got into it over territorial disputes. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel even wagging his finger at his counterpart.

Oscar Pistorius back on the stand today in his murder trial in the death of Reeva Steenkamp. He broke down in tears, said he smelled blood, and had nightmares as he begged for her family's forgiveness. Pretty compelling.

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