Have Remains of Flight 370 Been Found? Pistorius Testifying Right Now; Insurance Rates Up

Searchers and governments have now some strong leads in the search for doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The head of the coordinated search for the missing jetliner says it could take days to confirm whether signals hear from the southern Indian Ocean are indeed the lost airline. U.S. Navy equipment has picked up signals consistent with pings from black boxes. Underwater sensors picking up signals that could be from the plane's data and voice recorders. David Piper, William La Jeunesse, and Catherine Herridge reporting.

Carl Cameron is reporting on the Hillary 2016 efforts in Iowa... a state where she has a tricky history.

President Obama visits a classroom in Maryland today before giving a speech there at 11:35. He'll be setting new rules for workers contracting with the U.S. government, adding salary transparency, and potentially raising some pay. He'll also be announcing new education standards..

Major new survey says the number of adults without health insurance is dropping rapidly. The Gallup survey suggests the health care overhaul may be beginning to work as promised.

Oscar Pistorius is on the stand as I write this. The Olympian called the blade runner accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp back on Valentine's Day 2013. The defense opened its case today, and Pistorius is so far talking about his biography, his career and his disability.

Rick Leventhal reporting on the Fort Hood massacre that left 3 dead. 16 were hurt.

Molly Line has a report on the thousands of items left behind in Boston's Copley Square after the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Dan Springer reporting on growing problems at the Port of Portland.

Will Carr has a great report from inside one of the drug tunnels recently discovered between Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego.

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney is dead at the age of 93. Julie Banderas will file a report.

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