March Jobless #'s; New Ft Hood Massacre Details; New Fallout from Obamacare 7.1M Enrollments

We get jobs numbers today for March. Analysts are expecting the unemployment rate to drop to 6.6%. Investors are looking for signs of strength in the economy after a brutal winter for much of the country.

New details in the massacre at Fort Hood Wednesday. Specialist Ivan Lopez served in Iraq, but never saw combat. He had severe mental issues and had seen a military psychiatrist as recently as last month. The 34 year old killed three and injured another 16 others in a shooting rampage at the base. He killed himself when cornered by police. The incident had sad echoes of the 2009 Fort Hood massacre that left 13 murdered.

Russia says all Ukrainian servicemen stationed in Crimea have left the peninsula or have joined the Russia Army (8,000 soliders changed sides). Russia has also recalled its ambassador to NATO over a NATO policy of beefing up troop levels in Eastern Europe in response to the buildup of Russian troop on the Ukrainian border.

An AP photographer was killed, and a reporter injured when an Afghan policeman attacked their convoy shooting up the car.

The Senate Intel Committee voted to release a report deeply critical of the CIA and the interrogation of terror suspects in the wake of 9/11. It suggests waterboarding and other extreme interrogation techniques did not result in much actionable intelligence.

The underwater search for doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 began today. Two ships are searching underwater in the remote Indian Ocean. There's just a few days before the plane's black boxes stop pinging (transmitting their location). It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

News on calorie restriction diets today.

We'll also take a look at the Pistorius, Stiletto Murder, and Aspen Socialite car bombing trials!

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