What can brown do for you? Well, for 250 unionized drivers in New York, it can fire you.

The shipping giant Monday fired these employees because they walked off the job in February in protest over the dismissal of a fellow Queens employee who worked for the company for 24 years, The Daily News reported.

The report said 20 workers were fired after their shifts and 230 were told they will be fired once replacements are in place.

A UPS spokesman told the paper that the employees knew their jobs were at risk when they chose to walk out. Local politicians hope to bring both sides in to talk about the matter.

"UPS takes millions from the city and yet it’s going to bankrupt 250 families just because out guys stood up for a fellow worker," Tim Sylvester, the head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 804, told the paper.

The walk-off occurred on Feb.26 and lasted 90 minutes. They were reportedly protesting the firing of Jairo Reyes, a union activist who worked there for 24 years.