A.P. Says More Than 7 Million Signup for Obamacare; Questions Remain

It looks like the White House may have hit the goal of 7 million signups under the Affordable Care Act.

A huge surge of folks looking for insurance slammed over the past several days before the "official" deadline yesterday. An Associated Press report quoting unnamed WH officials says more than 7 million have signed up. That is pretty amazing considering the botched rollout.

Any many Republican critics have many questions about those signups they want answered including the age of those signing up, whether or not they've paid, and whether or not the information will successfully get to the insurers.

The surge of traffic shut down web sites set up to handle enrollees for big parts of the day yesterday. Call centers also slammed. Many of those who couldn't sign up by Midnight last night will be able to sign up later if they did indeed try by yesterday.

All this doesn't take away from the political problem Obamacare still represents. Vulnerable Democrats are increasingly worried the unpopularity of the healthcare overhaul will hurt their 2014 reelection bids. The latest worry is over Medicare Advantage cuts. They were part of the ACA, but the GOP will use them as a hammer against Democrats this fall.

President Obama also signed a temporary Medicare doc fix that fills in a 24% pay cut for Medicare payments.

IN other news,

The governor of Washington is asking for a major disaster declaration as losses from that terrible mudslide hit $10million. 30 homes were destroyed and 24 are confirmed dead. Another 25 may be dead.

GM CEO Mary Barra will testify today in the blown recall of millions of cars. GM knew of the problem as early as 2001.

Russia is pulling back some troops from the eastern part of Russia's border with Ukraine. It could help ease tensions after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. We'll ask KT McFarland if we can take a breath.

Keeping a close eye on the Korean peninsula where an exchange of artillery fire has both sides on edge. North and South Korea firing at each other across a disputed maritime border.

No news to report on the search for doomed Malaysian Airlines flight 370.

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-Clint Henderson

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