President Obama in Italy Meeting with Pope & Italian Leaders; New Fox Polls

New Fox polls have more bad news for the White House. It suggests the President is hovering near all-time lows in approval, and many don't approve of his handling of the situation with Ukraine and Russia. There is some good news. The President's approval has gone up slightly from the last round of polling.

On the subject of Ukraine, lawmakers and military leaders on Capitol Hill are increasingly worried about a big buildup of Russian forces on Ukraine's borders. There are growing fears the Russians could move to take several key towns in Ukraine including Rostov, Kursk and Belgorod that would give the Russians a land route to Crimea through Ukraine.

President Obama just met up with Pope Francis at the Vatican. The meeting lasted 50 minutes. They were expected to discuss rising world income inequality. P.S. The Pope's popularity is at about 76%!

Today at 10:35 The President holds a joint news conference with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

We get weekly jobless numbers today. We also get a read on the GDP and on pending home sales. All could potentially move the market. We'll be watching.

The search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 has been suspended again today due to rough weather. Eleven planes and five ships are helping in the search, but they've had to return to Australia due to weather.

We're still not getting many firm answers from authorities in Washington state. The number of bodies discovered since that terrible mudslide is now at 25, but not all have been recovered. 90 are still listed as missing, but it's unclear that there are really that many buried in the wreckage and muck.

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