More Time for Obamacare Signups; 122 Pieces of Potential Debris in Malaysia Flght 370 Crash

Another Affordable Care Act delay to discuss today. The White House says it will give folks unable to enroll in health care plans through by the March 31st deadline extra time. Americans will now have until mid-April by checking a blue box on that says they tried to enroll before the deadline. White House officials say it will give consumers a break who may have had trouble with the government websites, and will help ease an expected last minute rush to enroll. Republicans say it's a blatantly political move to help shore-up Democrats running for reelection who've been hurt by the Affordable Care Act's unpopularity. The latest numbers suggest at least 6 million have signed up under the ACA but details remain fuzzy.

The death toll has risen again in that terrible mudslide in Washington State. The unofficial death toll now at 24. 16 bodies have been recovered and another 8 have been located. We have new video of the moments after the slide.. captured by a rescue crew which include the rescue of a boy. Crews and volunteers are using shovels, bulldozers and cadaver dogs to search for victims. Dan Springer reports.

Parts of Massachusetts and Maine are getting slammed by a big storm. 8-16 inches of snow are possible from the storm (which mostly missed New York City). Happy Spring!

The search for debris from Malaysia flight 370 continues today in calmer seas in the Indian Ocean more than 1500 miles south of Perth, Australia. Malaysia today said as many as 122 objects have been seen by satellites in the area.. which may be debris. 12 planes, and two ships from a slew of countries are looking for evidence of a crash. 239 people presumed dead.

The President's comments during Happening Now yesterday in the Netherlands getting a lot of attention today. The President said Russia was just a "regional power," in a speech that had a couple of smackdowns of the Russians. The President also said he's more worried about a nuclear bomb in Manhattan than anything else which is raising some eyebrows. We'll take a closer look at nuclear security today.

President Obama is in Belgium today for the continuation of the EU and U.S. Summit. He'll visit the graves of U.S. soldiers killed in Belgium in World War I. There's a 9am press conference with the EU Council President and the EU Commission President. The President will also make remarks in Brussels at 12:45. We may dip in to that speech.

0910EDT -- POTUS participates in press conference with European Council Pres Van Rompuy and European Cmsn Pres Barroso. Justus Lipsius, Brussels, Belgium. HOST TV LIVE / POOL TAPE

1110EDT -- POTUS greets staff of US Tri-Mission to Belgium, EU, and NATO. The Hotel, Brussels, Belgium. CLOSED

1135EDT -- POTUS meets with NATO Secy Gen Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Hotel, Brussels, Belgium. POOL TAPE SPRAY

1215EDT -- Motorcade departs hotel en route to Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), Brussels, Belgium.

1220EDT -- Motorcade arrives Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), Brussels, Belgium.

1245EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR), Brussels, Belgium. HOST TV LIVE / POOL TAPE

First Lady Michelle Obama wraps up her weeklong trip to China today after a visit to a panda sanctuary.

North Korea must feel left out. The crazed country fired two rockets yesterday - medium-range ballistic missiles from near its west coast. Gordon Chang will tell us what it means.

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