China Demands Answers on Flight 370, Russia Booted from Group of (Now) 7, Awaiting POTUS Newser

Today at 11am, President Obama and the Dutch Prime Minister hold a joint news conference with a likely focus on the Russian annexation of Crimea and the buildup of Russia troops on Ukraine's border. Yesterday, Russia was kicked out of the one-time Group of 8.. It's now the Group of 7 biggest industrialized countries, and cancelled an upcoming summit in Russia.

1100EDT -- POTUS & Dutch PM Mark Rutte participate in a joint press conference. World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands. HOST TV LIVE / POOL TAPE

First Lady Michelle Obama wraps up her trip to China today. She made a speech calling on Chinese citizens to make the world a better place for future generations and gently suggested civil disobedience might be a good tool..

China is demanding the Malaysian's turn over satellite data on the doomed Malaysia Airline Flight 370. Malaysian officials admitted yesterday the plane went down in the Indian Ocean based on calculations from the British company Inmarsat. There is still no official debris and searches of the ocean 1550 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia had to be suspended because of terrible weather. U.S. equipment is being used to try and find the black boxes. We'll have more on that during the show.

Weather also a story in the U.S.. An unusually cold Spring in the Northeast will be echoed tonight when a Nor'Easter hits parts of the Northeastern U.S. Up to half a foot of snow in some parts.

The death toll is expected to rise in that mudslide in Washington State. The official toll now up to at least 14 with more missing and 30 homes destroyed. Dan Springer on it again today.

2 are dead in a shooting at a Naval base in Norfolk, VA. A sailor and a civilian are dead. No word on cause, but a brief lockdown of the base has been lifted.

We get reads on home sales and consumer confidence today.

We're also awaiting several rulings from the Supreme Court.

President Obama is calling for new limits on the NSA including limiting one of the more controversial practices we've learned so much about over the past year.. the bulk collection of phone records. Congress would need to sign off on new rules.

1100EDT -- House Intel Cmte Chair Rogers and Ranking Member Ruppersberger hold press conference to discuss their bipartisan legislation to improve the Foreign Intel Surveillance Act. LIVE

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