BREAKING: Multiple Debris Sightings in Search for Missing Malaysia Flight 370

There is a potential breakthrough in the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. NBC News reporting an Australian search plane has discovered two pieces of debris in the ocean about 1500 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia. The P-3 Orion aircraft reportedly sighted a gray or green circular object and another orange rectangular object. Now the AP reporting that a Chinese aircraft has also spotted debris in the same general area.. according to Chinese news services. It comes as we get reports of two satellite sightings of debris in the same area.. one by France, one by China. Flight 370 disappeared March 8 with 239 people onboard.

David Piper, Doug McKelway, Jennifer Griffin and William LaJeunesse reporting team coverage.. plus guests.

A horrible mudslide in Washington state has left at least 8 dead. It happened in Oso on Saturday. 18 people remain unaccounted for, and searchers say hope for finding more survivors is dimming. Dan Springer reporting.

A commuter train derailed in the early morning hours today injuring at least 30 and sending a train car up an escalator at the Chicago O'Hare station. Incredible pictures.

Oil spill in Houston where a barge collided with another ship and spilled oil into Galveston Bay. 170,000 gallons of tar-like oil spilled. The spilled fuel is threatening birds and other marine animals at nearby wildlife sanctuaries.

NATO now saying there is a sizable size of Russian troops on the border of Eastern Ukraine. Overnight, Russian defense forces apparently stormed another Ukrainian military base and took as many as 80 servicemen captive. Video has been released of what appears to be Russian forces smashing through walls with tanks at another base, and seizing cameras and other equipment. Gunshots can be heard in the background.

President Obama is at the Hague in The Netherlands for a summit on nuclear security. But the discussion is likely to focus on Ukraine and what the U.S. and the group of 7 biggest world economies can do about Russian aggression. Ed Henry is traveling with the President. James Rosen reporting on the future of NATO.

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