Search Continues for Mysterious Malaysia Flight 370 - ISO Debris Field or Next Lead

So far, no good in the inspection of the ocean about 1500 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia where ships and planes are now hunting for possible debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Australia's acting PM said just a few minutes ago that nothing of significance has been found so far as planes fly over the Indian ocean where two large pieces of debris of some kind were found by satellite. It's been almost two weeks since the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. There is also a new report that one of the pilots made a mystery phone call before the plane took off, but we haven't confirmed that information.

David Piper, Kitty Logan, Doug Luzader, Doug McKelway, William la Jeunesse, Jonathan Hunt and Casey Stegall reporting.

Russia taking a financial hit from his annexation of Crimea. Russian stocks are taking a pounding as sanctions were announced on Russian President Vladimir Putin's inner circle. The ratings agency Fitch cut its outlook for Russia's credit rating, and S&P warned of a potential downgrade.

Russia's upper parliament approved the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine voting unanimously for the acquisition of the region. Putin is expected to sign the measure today. Putin seemed to laugh off the latest round of sanctions announced by President Obama yesterday during our show. President Obama saying , "The world is watching with grave concern as Russia has positioned its military in a way that could lead to further incursions into southern and eastern Ukraine." That would be a dramatic escalation of the crisis.

So far 33 Russians and Ukrainians have been slapped with restrictions on travel and banking.

European leaders, meantime are stepping up their punitive measures. Germany says it's no longer cooperating with Russia on military issues, and France is offering to send planes to NATO to help patrol Eastern Europe.

Ukraine has signed a deal to align itself with Europe.. moving Kiev further away from Russia politically.

Just 10 days now away from the deadline to sign up for health care insurance for 2014 under the Affordable Care Act. It's been about 4 years since the law was passed, and the White House is making a big push for late signups. VP Biden is speaking at 10:15 at the National Association of Community Health Centers. We have new polling out on how Americans are feeling about the health care overhaul.

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