Have They Finally Found the Missing Malaysian Jetliner? Debris Found Is "Best Lead Right Now"

A major discovery of what appears to be large pieces of debris by satellite has several countries scrambling to search an area about 1500 miles off the coast of Perth, Australia for missing Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight 370. One of the objects appears to be at least 78 feet in size. It's being called the best lead right now. Officials are searching the area in choppy weather. A Navy P8 Poseidon surveillance aircraft returned to Perth, Australia just a few minutes ago with "nothing to report" after flying a 10 hour search mission in the Indian Ocean. The Boeing 777 disappeared on March 8th. If it is indeed the wreckage of the plane, it could give more weight to the idea of the crew and passengers being unconscious with the plane flying on auto pilot. Other analysts, though, say that flight path might actually require human intervention. One thing is for certain. The mystery continues.

We've got team coverage, and several great guests.

The other major story today remains the Russian annexation of Crimea. Today, Germany PM Angela Merkel said the EU will impose more sanctions on Russia and will suspend all G-8 meetings until the crisis is resolved. NATO's top official is calling the Russia move in Crimea a "wake-up call" for the 28 member alliance of European nations and the U.S. Remember an attack on one NATO country is treated as an attack on all according to the treaty. There are also fears now that Russia could use "worry over Russian-speaking people" as an excuse to make inroads elsewhere in Eastern Europe including Eastern Ukraine and countries like Estonia.

As to NATO, it's also debating whether to pull back even further from Afghanistan to shore up defenses in Europe in light of the Russian aggression. A Taliban assault on a police station in Afghanistan today killed 10 police officers and a civilian.

The President makes an economic speech today in Florida.

President Obama gave a series of interviews to local news affiliate stations yesterday afternoon. The President is making a big push on signing up young people for health care insurance. The deadline for 2014 coverage is now just 11 days away.

The First Lady is on a goodwill trip to China.

We get weekly jobless numbers today along with existing home sales numbers.

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