Crisis in Ukraine as Putin Says No More Russia "Humiliation"; New Developments in Malaysia Mystery Flight

The lead continues to be the disappearance of flight 370 - Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. It's been 11 days, and still no sign of the plane. There are important new developments this morning.

As first reported Monday night, the plane apparently turned after the transponders were disabled. That means someone deliberately altered the plane's course from inside the cockpit. The AP is reporting that Thailand says its radar shows an unidentified plane on Thai radar systems. It's believed to possibly be flight 370.

A massive international search continues today. Australia says it has narrowed its search area by half to an area the size of Italy where there is deep ocean.. based on new computer analysis of the fuel burn on the plane.

Today we've learned from the Malaysians that files were recently deleted from the home flight simulator belonging to the pilot aboard the missing plane. Background checks on all the passengers (aside from those of Ukrainian and Russian passengers) have turned up nothing.

The other big story today is Russian domination of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reclaimed Crimea as a part of Ukraine in an emotionally charged speech full of vitriol and bitterness over Russian treatment by the West. Putin says he doesn't want to divide Ukraine any further but that he will protect Russia's interests.

Crimean self-defense forces have apparently stormed and taken over the Ukrainian Navy headquarters in the Black Sea port of Sevastapol..

Vice President Biden is in Lithuania as we speak. He's meeting with leaders there and in Latvia to discuss the ongoing crisis (and probably reassure them of the unity of NATO). Yesterday Biden was in Poland.. another country bordering Russia.

The New York Times says if it's not a Cold War, it's a least a return to "chilly rivalry" between the U.S. and Russia.

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